YNZ learn to sail programme

Learn To Sail Programme – For Dinghies

Learn to Sail is a national programme developed by Yachting New Zealand

Course Content and Levels

Start… Sailing! (Learn to Sail 1)

• Safety first
• Getting to know your boat
• Fun with knots
• Capsizing
• Getting your boat in and out of the water
• On the land, get set… go!
• Tacking
• Gybing
• Points of sail
• Rules and meanings

Sailing… Fast! (Learn to Sail 2)

• Learn more lingo
• Safety advanced
• Knot knowledge
• Weather, tides and currents
• Balance essentials
• Points of sail – advanced
• Launching and retrieving – more tips
• Tacking technique
• The art of gybing
• Boat handling

Go… Racing! (Learn to Sail 3)

• Ready to race1!
– Learn the basics of racing
• Set-up and adjustments
– Getting your boat and sails fine tuned for racing
• Boat balance
– How to keep your boat balanced and fast
• Forces on the boat
– How wind, water and weight affects your boat
• Start and finish lines
– Learn how to start and finish like a pro
• Tide and current
– How these affect you and how to use them to your advantage
• Tactics and strategy
– Thinking smart and planning ahead
• Mark rounding
– Learn good technique and positioning for clean roundings
• Ways of the weather
– Learn how to read and understand a forecast and what this means for your race
• Race preparation – Mind, body and soul
– Preparing yourself for a regatta
• Boat handling skills for two-handed boats
– Two handed techniques and spinnakers
• Communication and teamwork
– Learn how to sail together as a team
• Racing rules
– A look at the most common rules situations racers encounter