YNZ learn to sail programme

Learn To Sail Programme – For Dinghies

Learn to Sail is a national programme developed by Yachting New Zealand with levels 1-3 described below.

At CBYC we run four groups, Learn to Sail One for beginners, Learn to Sail Two for those who have had a taste and want to take their sailing further. These two groups would cover YNZ level One

Next step is Green Fleet, this group aims to take the basic skills learnt so far and put them together to get around a race course or to a destination through learning better boat handling. This group would cover YNZ level Two

Finally we have Open Fleet which focuses more on racing and covers YNZ level Three.

For those that do not want to go on to Open Fleet and racing, there is the option of running an Adventure Sailing Group.

Course Content and Levels

Start… Sailing! (YNZ Level One)

• Safety first
• Getting to know your boat
• Fun with knots
• Capsizing
• Getting your boat in and out of the water
• On the land, get set… go!
• Tacking
• Gybing
• Points of sail
• Rules and meanings

Sailing… Fast! (YNZ Level Two)

• Learn more lingo
• Safety advanced
• Knot knowledge
• Weather, tides and currents
• Balance essentials
• Points of sail – advanced
• Launching and retrieving – more tips
• Tacking technique
• The art of gybing
• Boat handling

Go… Racing! (YNZ Level Three)

• Ready to race1!
– Learn the basics of racing
• Set-up and adjustments
– Getting your boat and sails fine tuned for racing
• Boat balance
– How to keep your boat balanced and fast
• Forces on the boat
– How wind, water and weight affects your boat
• Start and finish lines
– Learn how to start and finish like a pro
• Tide and current
– How these affect you and how to use them to your advantage
• Tactics and strategy
– Thinking smart and planning ahead
• Mark rounding
– Learn good technique and positioning for clean roundings
• Ways of the weather
– Learn how to read and understand a forecast and what this means for your race
• Race preparation – Mind, body and soul
– Preparing yourself for a regatta
• Boat handling skills for two-handed boats
– Two handed techniques and spinnakers
• Communication and teamwork
– Learn how to sail together as a team
• Racing rules
– A look at the most common rules situations racers encounter